We have acquired the “Clean & Safe” seal, certified by Turismo de Portugal, which guarantees that our physical space is safe according to the standards indicated by the National Authority of Health.

In order to ensure the safety of all our guests, all disinfection and prevention measures are being implemented daily.

We adapted the internal protocols, and I am prepared to face a new reality, through the following procedures:
– Personal protection – using appropriate protective equipment
– Hand hygiene – frequent and effective washing is guaranteed and providing antiseptic solutions for customers’ use, whenever justified;
– Respiratory etiquette – avoiding the possible spread of infection
– Social conduct – safeguarding the social distance between employees and guests
– Daily monitoring to assess fever – paying attention to any symptoms
– Cleaning of surfaces and proper treatment of clothes – reinforcing disinfection measures and their frequency (several times a day), with special focus on surfaces and objects in common use.

Within the establishments, the National Authority of Health rules will be applied regarding:
– Maximum occupancy
– Social Distance
– Distribution of information in digital/online support
– Hygiene and safety protocols
– Renovation of indoor air
– Procedures for suspected infection

These measures will be adjusted as needed, carefully following the instructions of the competent authorities. We proceed with the daily monitoring of the evolution of the pandemic, as this is the time to make sure that all of our customers, employees, and partners are safe. The effects of the spread of COVID-19 have been devastating worldwide, and it is now, more than ever, essential to ensure the safety of everyone, by everyone.

Our Partners
To avoid contamination of our customers and the spaces visited, (all) our partners are prepared and comply with hygiene and safety standards, also certified by the “Clean & Safe” seal.
This seal can be found in all establishments, as well as the cleaning and safety manual of each of them.

Our Guests
To avoid contamination in the space, it is important to comply with hygiene and safety standards, furthermore, mask use is mandatory.

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