Clarete 18, from Algarve

Clarete ’18 is a beautiful dry red wine from the family-owned Morgado do Quintão winery in the warm Algarve region of southern Portugal.
The wine is made from the Negra Mole grape variety, which is the emblematic grape variety of the region.
The aroma of the purple-red drink is fresh, red fruits, currants, cherries and plums, mixed with a little minerality.
It is a delicate, slightly spicy drink with a medium body and crisp acidity that refreshes the palate. Great wine with a long finish.
After the hand harvest, the grains are crushed by trampling, followed by 5 days of pre-fermentation. Then fermentation in stainless steel tanks and aging for 6 months.
Alcohol level: 13%.
It pairs well with white meats or regional dishes such as grilled fish, salmon, or sardines.
The wine won a silver award at the Algarve Wines 2019 competition.
Just fill a glass and enjoy!

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