Wine tastings with Livinhos


Are you learning about wines and lost in the great mass of knowledge? Would you like to better understand the details of Portuguese winemaking? Or are you ‘just’ a wine lover who wants to know more about Portuguese wines and which wine to choose in Portugal?
Enjoy private moments with your guide, who shares her knowledge, experiences and stories with you about Portuguese wines.

Wine Tours with Livinhos


Are you a Portugal fan? And do you have a passion for its wines as well? As a wine expert tour guide, let me guide you through the amazing Portugal! Come and explore its wine regions, and meet the producers, wineries and wines. Let me share my experience and passion for Portuguese wines with you! Take a journey in Portugal with me to discover its wines, gastronomy and hospitality!

Wine Experiences with Livinhos


Are you looking for a one-day luxury experience to spend your time usefully in Portugal? Do you want to learn more about the secrets of Portuguese winemaking and the places where these fantastic wines are made?
Join me on a one-day wine adventure and fill your day with wines and enjoyment in good company.
You must be legal drinking of age!

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